Makeup ‘glitter’, a trend among the ‘millennials’

Makeup ‘glitter’, a trend among the ‘millennials’
Young Argentines used it to launch a feminist message.
Makeup with glitter or frost
The tendency of makeup with frost takes more and more risks: this effect of dust on the skin is very fashionable.

By: La Nación (Argentina) – GDA August 13, 2018, 10:38 p.m.
On the cheekbones, eyelids, shoulders, hands, hair. Dazzle Glitter or frost has been a fashion trend that went from the sequins of clothing, to makeup for any time of day. It was ruled from the runways by the end of last year, but refused to be so ephemeral and continued in 2018.

And now go one step further. It was marked last week by the women who participated in the demonstrations in favor of the legalization of abortion in Argentina.

The ‘glitter’, that refractory pigment that generates a three-dimensional effect, became a flagship makeup of the girls of the new generation, especially when it comes to manifesting their ideals. Green furious, but also blue or violet, which means militancy, feminism. The ‘glitter generation’ is what today shines and exacerbates its beauty with a sense, a tendency that emerges from fashion to express a certain identity, to send a message.

Makeup artist Jasmine Calcarami notes that “the use of glitter has been seen a lot in fashion and social networks, especially from the technique of strobing – mark the light on the face, with powdered glitters or shiny creamy products -. What was seen in the latest demonstrations puts the trend directly on the street. “

Choose brown makeup, not black !!

Undoubtedly, a good skin care regimen is important to maintain a youthful appearance. But, there are also small beauty tricks that will help us look 10 years younger.


1. Choose brown makeup, not black. When it comes to your eyes, choose brown and not black tones. Black will shrink your eyes and give you a very severe look. Warm tones such as brown or plum will look cute and more subtle.


2. Use creams and not powders. With age, wrinkles come and powders tend to accentuate these lines on the skin. Use creams since they are easier to blur. Blushes, shadows and creamy bases will give you a fresher look.


3. Fill your eyebrows. With age you can lose hair in the eyebrows. Create the illusion of more defined eyebrows with a brown eyebrow pencil and a gel or eyebrow powder. The trick is to refill them not to change their natural look.


4. Look for your light. Use a creamy highlighter to give your face a multidimensional look. Light up the center of your nose, and the top of your cheekbones for a radiant and fresh look.


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5. Avoid brightness. Although you may think that the shine looks more youthful, after a certain age it will only make you look older. These brightness can accentuate fine lines. Look for matte or silky lipsticks for a chic look.


6. Pink lips to look younger. A dark color can give you a serious appearance. Also, your lips will look drier. Use pink tones and claritos for a youthful look.


7. Beware of the concealer. You do not need to use as much corrector as you imagine. If you have dark circles or a small blemish, use a little concealer on these areas and that’s it. The point to look younger is not to cover your skin but to improve it.


8. Clarify your hair color. One of the most common tips to look younger is to clarify your hair color. The darker the color, the more you will notice your wrinkles or expression lines. Choose a color one or two shades lighter than your natural color.

makeup disguises imperfections

Do not stop using makeup. Unless you have never used makeup, do not feel that you have to stop using it. Makeup helps reduce your age; with him, you can easily see yourself 10 years younger.
As you age, makeup disguises imperfections, covers signs of fatigue, restores your color and brightens your appearance.
If you have never used makeup before, now is a good time to start doing it. You do not have to exaggerate and be kind to yourself when visiting a makeup specialist to get advice
Do not use makeup base to cover your entire face. Look for clear bases. Use a type of base for problem areas (freckles, dark spots, red spots, etc.), and then mix them with the clear base.
Watch out! A too thick base will cause wrinkles and fine lines to be noticed, rather than hiding them.
Avoid using too much dust. If your face is too dusty, you will instantly look 10 years older. Use it in minimum quantity.
Insert the tip of a large makeup brush into the powder and then shake it. Then simply pass it gently over the face, from the center to the outside.
A good powder will have a slight pink tinge to give you some color again.
Avoid too much eye shadow. Keep a natural expression when you apply the shadow of the eyes and apply lightly with a brush. Avoid using vivid colors on the entire eyelid.
Avoid the shadows of bright eyes or with flashes; these have a tendency to highlight wrinkles.

technical and commercial director of Sally Beauty products store in South America

A market that by 2020 will reach 5,000 million dollars. The majority are women between the ages of 18 and 34

A new dictionary
For Pamela Maquieira, technical and commercial director of Sally Beauty products store in South America, “women who are vegetarians or vegans are looking for cosmetics and products that go along that line and, as they do not eat products from or derived from animals, they do not want to apply them either “.

“Other women,” he says, “see it as a health issue, especially young women prefer products that provide them with healthy makeup and skin without impacting the environment.”

Maquieira explains that it is important to differentiate between the different currents offered by the cosmetics sector to understand what line each person can follow.

On the one hand are the so-called bio products, which do not have animal ingredients but which may have derivatives thereof. A clear example of this category is beeswax.

When it comes to cruelty free, basically refers to the products were not tested on animals before their sale to the public, which used to make many cosmetics houses every time they launched new products.

There is also the vegan category, made up of cosmetics and makeup products that do not contain any type of ingredient of animal origin or of its derivatives and, obviously, are not tested on animals. “They are made with ingredients only vegetables, which help to take care of the environment, but also health and avoid animal cruelty,” says the expert.

For those who are not familiar with the vegan or natural wave in makeup and beauty products, one of the main questions is whether this type of cosmetics are of good quality and obey the standards of fashion and quality that we all look for in cosmetics .

Maquieira mentions as the main benefits of this type of makeup the naturalness of the color, the antioxidant effect that they offer to the skin, the anti-aging benefits given by its components, the protection against ultraviolet rays and its less invasive and aggressive effect with the skin.

“Sometimes, people doubt the effects of these products, but using them benefits the face because we are giving it a more natural option, which does not punish the skin and gives it an anti-aging effect, since we give back natural nutrients, preventing that the skin absorbs free radicals, “he explains.

Laura López recommends them not only for their lifestyle, but for their quality. “The interesting thing is that when a laboratory intends to do things without testing on animals, a spectrum of promising research and innovation opens up. These marks are more organic, because by not testing many times they also leave the chemicals aside. It’s a win wins. When you have a good product, that takes care of your health and that of those involved in the process, the investment is worth it, “he says.

And in Colombia?
The Colombian stylist Katerina Martina works with many brands that fit these concepts and highlights its good quality and versatility. “They offer the same benefits as the best brands on the market, but with all the good of natural ingredients and respect for animals,” he says.

She points out, however, that in her professional experience in Colombia she does not have clients who specifically ask her for that type of product.

Laura López confirms that it is not easy to join that style in Colombia. “People still make fun of these trends because they are considered radical, difficult, dreamers, so there is not a big market for people who want this kind of guarantees in our products.”

Friendly makeup with nature and animals

Friendly makeup with nature and animals
For Laura Lopez, 26, the makeup she uses is an issue that goes beyond colors, texture, packaging or price. “I am a vegetarian and she questioned me about how my actions can affect the quality of life of other living beings.” That is why he prefers cosmetics that respect the environment and animals.

“I like them because I think that my vanity and the things I like can coexist with the right to life and respect for other animals. I do not want to use makeup that has been tested on rabbits, dogs, mice, etc. What these animals suffer is unspeakable, no lipstick is worth that, “he emphasizes.

This journalist, like many women of her generation, prefers to put on makeup “without having the position of conscience, and without supporting the mistreatment”.

This type of life-friendly decisions with animals and nature usually begins with food and then goes through clothes and other objects to reach closer aspects, such as makeup. A trend that is not new, but that has variables that have led it to gain more followers among the millennials and their successors, the centennials, and that is promoted in social networks.

According to the International Vegetarian Union, there are 600 million vegans in the world, who, according to their calculations, will buy brands and products that are friendly to the environment and animals (many of them from the cosmetics and beauty sector), in a market that by 2020 it will reach 5 billion dollars. The majority are women who are between 18 and 34 years old.

eyeshadow for blondes

The blond is more than a simple hair tone, it is a sign of identity that rarely goes unnoticed; There the importance of knowing how to make up, because the face will be the focus of attention after your hair. We suggest some tricks to achieve a perfect makeup and look spectacular.

Any type of imperfection on the skin will always be more visible, since women with blonde hair tend to have lighter skin. Remember to choose a base with neutral beige tone and avoid the pink tones as the basis of your makeup.

A sweet look: eyeshadow for blondes.

The golden rule for the shadow is: “less is more”. The most intense colors, such as pink or violet, are too striking. Pastel shades are the best option. In this way, you add luminosity and you get seductive eyes.

The dark pencils in the blondes are the natural enemies. Ideally, use a pencil or a powder in grayish tone. Never draw lines with very defined contours; better, fill your eyebrows by painting small lines. If you have bleached the hair, it also slightly discolours the eyebrows. Your look will be more natural!

In this case the pink tones turn out to be the best allies. Pale shades are ideal for lighter blondes, while pink and peach tones are ideal for golden blondes. Women with dark blondes can opt for roses by pulling brown. Pay attention !, keep in mind that in all cases, the terracotta or copper colors can make you look pale.

Pink is a guaranteed success on the lips. If your tone is light blond, yours are the pink tones with a beige background. Are you platinum blonde? The intense reds and pinks are for you, although careful, all the intense ones require uniformity and a lot of precision when applying.

campaign of the makeup brand

Live Boldly is the new campaign of the makeup brand Revlon that aims to involve, support and empower women, through activities, messages and inspiring conversations.

The brand will hold yoga classes, pilates, functional exercises and cooking; also makeup workshops and image consulting. Revlon for LN The brand will hold classes in yoga, pilates, functional exercises and cooking; also makeup workshops and image consulting. Revlon for LN
In March that campaign will start in Costa Rica, so the brand will do yoga, pilates, functional exercises and cooking classes; also makeup workshops and image consulting. All activities are free and can be used throughout the month.

The first will be a yoga class on Saturday, March 3. The quota of the activities is limited, the interested ones must register in the courses of their interest by means of private message in the Instagram of Revlon (revloncr).

Live Boldly is a global initiative that has as ambassadors the actress Gal Gadot and the recognized models Ashley Graham, Adwoa Aboah, Imaan Hammam and Raquel Zimmermann. The campaign offers a platform to share in community experiences that celebrate the strength, courage, beauty and authenticity of all women, according to a press release.

Makeup product names in English

I have written before about hair and hairstyles in English and I will dedicate this article to women sharing some useful words and phrases related to the topic of cosmetics and makeup in English.

This article will help you feel more confident when speaking in English about makeup and cosmetics. It is very useful to know the name of the different products related to makeup when shopping and buying cosmetic products in other countries or on the Internet.

Beauty will save the world, right?
“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” – Plato

Makeup product names in English
Let’s start with the following list of words. In it you will find the names of all the basic products related to makeup that women usually use

makeup – makeup
cosmetics – cosmetics
beauty – beauty
makeup base, primer – foundation
mask – mask
concealer – concealer
liquid eyeliner – liquid eyeliner
eyeshadow – eyeshadow
face cream, moisturizer – face cream, moisturizer
face tint, tinted moisturizer – tint for the face, tinted moisturizer
highlighter, brightener, illuminator – bleach, highlighter
blush, rouge – blush
bronzer – bronzer
powder – powder
brow gel – eyebrow cream
lip gloss – lip gloss
lip liner – lip liner
lipstick – lipstick
nail polish – nail polish
tanning lotion, fake tan – tanning cream
facial cleanser – facial cleanser
toner – tonic
English phrases about cosmetics and your daily routines
Now I’m going to show you some useful phrases in English that are related to the daily care of the skin and makeup.

Learn them and use them when speaking. This will improve your vocabulary!

For cleaning and skin care:

to cleanse skin – to clean the skin
gently rub the cream in – gently apply the cream on
to smooth out wrinkles – to soften wrinkles
to remove makeup – to remove makeup
to rinse off all the dirt and makeup – to remove dirt and makeup
to exfoliate skin – to exfoliate the skin
to rejuvenate the complexion – to rejuvenate the complexion
to pamper somebody – to pamper someone
More words on makeup:

a lot of makeup – a lot of makeup
to apply the bronzer all over the face, neck and décolleté – apply the bronzer on the face, neck and neckline
to hide spots and flaws or blemishes of the skin – to hide spots and defects or imperfections of the skin
types of mascara: volumizing, lash-defining, waterproof, lengthening, and curling – types of mask: volume, to define lashes, water resistant, lengtheners and curling
to use eyelash curlers – for use with eyelash curlers
to use a lip balm – to use a lip balm
skin glowing with health – healthy glowing skin
Exercise is an excellent way to improve the condition of your skin. Proper nutrition is also very beneficial.

So exercise, drink more water, take care of your skin and use only good quality cosmetics.

P.S. How long do you take to make up? What cosmetics do you use?

What words, phrases and interesting expressions in English do you know related to makeup? Share them!

Cosmetics Products Summary

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